Watch Townsville Racing Live - Video & Commentary

Today's meeting at Townsville racetrack will be available live for visitors online. You will be able to stream all the live race with smartphones and tablets with video and radio commentary readily available for ipad and iphone. Townsville providers are to be checked around 10 mins in the lead up to today's next race commencing.

Townsville feeds are seen below from the best aggregators and can be watched live streaming online. Townsville racetrack is just one of our arenas where users can see livestreams from. We will also show the scheduled race streaming from other racecourses in England, Scotland and Wales, ROI and Dubai.

Check out the live race streaming guide for more info on how to watch.

Notes on jockeys will be added nearer to the next race beginning. Where available, we hope to update the newest odds. It is vital to take into consideration that feeds for Townsville are geographic restricted and hopeful visitors in the USA cannot view the live video. Race fans looking to view the Townsville races in the UK, Ireland and most European states can get the races from Townsville with no problems.