Watch Racing LIVE online in 2019 – Goodwood, Newmarket, Sandown, York and Ascot!

Race fans can now stream all the action from British, Irish, Aussie, American, South African and UAE races every day LIVE through a pc, smartphone or tablet! Major races such as Aintree, Cheltenham, Goodwood, Ascot and all the daily action from the UK & ROI are available to stream and the quality of viewing is fantastic.

Just some of the major events being streamed:

See below to find out more and get started watching racing LIVE on your computer, laptop, mac, android or apple device!  You can now watch live Horse Racing on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Never miss a second of the action even if you’re away from your TV or PC. iPhone, iPad and Android users can enjoy every race shown on At The Races and Racing UK.

1) Watch Horse Racing LIVE & Bet on PC, Mobile or Tablet at Bet365! (T&C Applies)

* 18+ Only. Watch and Bet – Geographic restrictions apply! Minimum 50p win or 25p each-way bet on race required to qualify. T&C Applies. Please gamble responsibly –

Races shown on ATR and RUK will have a video icon displayed next to them and you can watch the action live by following these steps:

  • Place a bet of at least £0.50 win or £0.25 each-way (or currency equivalent) on your selection(s) – this applies to single and multiple bet types.
  • Once a qualifying bet has been placed and the stream is available (2 minutes before the off), click the Watch icon from either the bet slip, the racecard or from ‘Watch Your Live Races’.

Watch EVERY race in the UK and Ireland, live at bet365. You need not miss a second of the action – and there’s not a subscription fee in sight! Simply place a bet of at least £0.50 win or £0.25 each-way (or currency equivalent) on your selection(s) and enjoy the race, courtesy of bet365! And that’s not all! bet365 have now launched an At The Races archive service, which means that you can now watch a video replay of any ATR race.

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Monday 18-2-2019 Lingfield Park Jump
Monday 18-2-2019 Southwell Flat
Tuesday 19-2-2019 Taunton Jump
Tuesday 19-2-2019 Wetherby Jump
Tuesday 19-2-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Wednesday 20-2-2019 Doncaster Jump
Wednesday 20-2-2019 Ludlow Jump
Wednesday 20-2-2019 Newcastle Flat
Wednesday 20-2-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Thursday 21-2-2019 Huntingdon Jump
Thursday 21-2-2019 Sedgefield Jump
Thursday 21-2-2019 Southwell Flat
Thursday 21-2-2019 Chelmsford City Flat
Friday 22-2-2019 Exeter Jump
Friday 22-2-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 22-2-2019 Warwick Jump
Friday 22-2-2019 Southwell Flat
Saturday 23-2-2019 Chepstow Jump
Saturday 23-2-2019 Kempton Park Jump
Saturday 23-2-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Saturday 23-2-2019 Newcastle Jump
Saturday 23-2-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Sunday 24-2-2019 Carlisle Jump
Sunday 24-2-2019 Fontwell Park Jump
Monday 25-2-2019 Ayr Jump
Monday 25-2-2019 Plumpton Jump
Monday 25-2-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Tuesday 26-2-2019 Catterick Bridge Jump
Tuesday 26-2-2019 Leicester Jump
Tuesday 26-2-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Wednesday 27-2-2019 Musselburgh Jump
Wednesday 27-2-2019 Southwell Flat
Wednesday 27-2-2019 Wincanton Jump
Wednesday 27-2-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Thursday 28-2-2019 Ludlow Jump
Thursday 28-2-2019 Newcastle Flat
Thursday 28-2-2019 Taunton Jump
Thursday 28-2-2019 Southwell Flat
Friday 1-3-2019 Doncaster Jump
Friday 1-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 1-3-2019 Newbury Jump
Friday 1-3-2019 Newcastle Flat
Saturday 2-3-2019 Doncaster Jump
Saturday 2-3-2019 Kelso Jump
Saturday 2-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Saturday 2-3-2019 Newbury Jump
Saturday 2-3-2019 Chelmsford City Flat
Sunday 3-3-2019 Huntingdon Jump
Sunday 3-3-2019 Sedgefield Jump
Monday 4-3-2019 Fakenham Jump
Monday 4-3-2019 Southwell Jump
Monday 4-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Tuesday 5-3-2019 Exeter Jump
Tuesday 5-3-2019 Newcastle Jump
Tuesday 5-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Wednesday 6-3-2019 Catterick Bridge Jump
Wednesday 6-3-2019 Fontwell Park Jump
Wednesday 6-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Wednesday 6-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Thursday 7-3-2019 Carlisle Jump
Thursday 7-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Thursday 7-3-2019 Wincanton Jump
Thursday 7-3-2019 Chelmsford City Flat
Friday 8-3-2019 Leicester Jump
Friday 8-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 8-3-2019 Sandown Park Jump
Friday 8-3-2019 Newcastle Flat
Saturday 9-3-2019 Ayr Jump
Saturday 9-3-2019 Hereford Jump
Saturday 9-3-2019 Sandown Park Jump
Saturday 9-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Saturday 9-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Sunday 10-3-2019 Musselburgh Jump
Sunday 10-3-2019 Warwick Jump
Monday 11-3-2019 Plumpton Jump
Monday 11-3-2019 Stratford-On-Avon Jump
Monday 11-3-2019 Taunton Jump
Monday 11-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Tuesday 12-3-2019 Cheltenham Jump
Tuesday 12-3-2019 Sedgefield Jump
Tuesday 12-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Tuesday 12-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Wednesday 13-3-2019 Cheltenham Jump
Wednesday 13-3-2019 Huntingdon Jump
Wednesday 13-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Wednesday 13-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Thursday 14-3-2019 Cheltenham Jump
Thursday 14-3-2019 Hexham Jump
Thursday 14-3-2019 Towcester Jump
Thursday 14-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Friday 15-3-2019 Cheltenham Jump
Friday 15-3-2019 Fakenham Jump
Friday 15-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 15-3-2019 Chelmsford City Flat
Saturday 16-3-2019 Fontwell Park Jump
Saturday 16-3-2019 Kempton Park Jump
Saturday 16-3-2019 Newcastle Jump
Saturday 16-3-2019 Uttoxeter Jump
Saturday 16-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Sunday 17-3-2019 Carlisle Jump
Sunday 17-3-2019 Ffos Las Jump
Monday 18-3-2019 Exeter Jump
Monday 18-3-2019 Plumpton Jump
Monday 18-3-2019 Southwell Jump
Tuesday 19-3-2019 Huntingdon Jump
Tuesday 19-3-2019 Taunton Jump
Tuesday 19-3-2019 Wetherby Jump
Wednesday 20-3-2019 Chepstow Jump
Wednesday 20-3-2019 Haydock Park Jump
Wednesday 20-3-2019 Market Rasen Jump
Thursday 21-3-2019 Chepstow Jump
Thursday 21-3-2019 Ludlow Jump
Thursday 21-3-2019 Sedgefield Jump
Friday 22-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 22-3-2019 Musselburgh Jump
Friday 22-3-2019 Newbury Jump
Friday 22-3-2019 Newcastle Flat
Saturday 23-3-2019 Bangor-On-Dee Jump
Saturday 23-3-2019 Kelso Jump
Saturday 23-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Saturday 23-3-2019 Newbury Jump
Saturday 23-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Sunday 24-3-2019 Carlisle Jump
Sunday 24-3-2019 Exeter Jump
Monday 25-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Monday 25-3-2019 Wincanton Jump
Monday 25-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Tuesday 26-3-2019 Hereford Jump
Tuesday 26-3-2019 Hexham Jump
Tuesday 26-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Wednesday 27-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Wednesday 27-3-2019 Market Rasen Jump
Wednesday 27-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Wednesday 27-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Thursday 28-3-2019 Newcastle Jump
Thursday 28-3-2019 Warwick Jump
Thursday 28-3-2019 Wolverhampton Flat
Thursday 28-3-2019 Chelmsford City Flat
Friday 29-3-2019 Fontwell Park Jump
Friday 29-3-2019 Lingfield Park Flat
Friday 29-3-2019 Wetherby Jump
Friday 29-3-2019 Newcastle Flat
Saturday 30-3-2019 Doncaster Flat
Saturday 30-3-2019 Kempton Park Flat
Saturday 30-3-2019 Stratford-On-Avon Jump
Saturday 30-3-2019 Uttoxeter Jump
Saturday 30-3-2019 Southwell Flat
Sunday 31-3-2019 Ascot Jump
Sunday 31-3-2019 Doncaster Flat

Streaming sourced from RUK/ATR and other broadcasters.

Please note that ATR streaming is not available to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Belize, Suriname, Bermuda, Guyana or the Caribbean. Racing UK streaming is not available to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Åland Islands, Saint Barthélemy or in Saint Martin. South African Racing streaming is not available to customers in Australia or Pakistan.